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We Have the Choices you Want.

We want you to get what is right for you.  TO that end let;s cut to the chase.  Times is critical and the landscape changing nearly every week. So what can or should you do?  The wise move is to contact us right now, and oh look there's the phone number....  

Coming events

The next big event is you sitting down with us.   We can meet you here  at our office or in your office or kitchen.  We simply need to set a time to focus on the matter at hand.  

BEFORE WE PROCEED --  Discount and Savings bundles are NOT apart of this business.  We do however, make it our business to Get you the best bang for the buck.  That's a daily event for us.  

Keep checking here for the Latest events. We will post an announcement when thing are set.   it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

testimonials are great, but you want results

IF you would like to send a card or note of thanks we welcome it.  but we are trying to keep this very simple and straight forward. come and learn what caring for your client's needs looks like.

In health insurance....

you can still get coverage even if you have a preexisting condition.  There also so Minimum Essential Coverage plans that have come out.  These plans cover the basics and have lower monthly cost. 

LIfe Insurance interesting? Yeah Right....

The best news in life insurance is now you don't need to die for life insurance to help you.  Now you should be asking yourself how does that work.  Hint- This is why you meet us.  We will even help you find some money in your budget to get the coverage that works for you.

You can never know when you will need insurance.  But, you would feel  smart if you had coverage before you needed it.  

Hey folks let's be real you are worth a lot more than that new phone or even your car.  You protect those things, so you know protection is smart.  

Protect yourself Now, Call Sutton Insurance Services at 909-300-5444 

ASK US, over the phone or in person.

You have questions, we have answers. Just call us and set up a time to get the answer to all your questions. 


By the Way, we do not take cash from our clients.  So don't worry about any immediate cost.  Just get over to our office in Redlands and we work on the details together.  Call for an appointment 909-300-5444        

About Us

Individual and Family Plans

We have a wide selection of products to protect the Life and Health your have worked so hard to create.  From dental and visions plans to, Major medical plans or even Tax-Friendly Retirement plans.  

Group & Business Oriented Plans

We get straight to the bottom-line here.

The goal is results that built your business.  With all the changes coming at  us you need US on your team.  

It is our goal to provide group benefits in San Bernardino and group benefits in Redlands and all across the Inland Empire all of this means we are going to do our best.

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In addition to all the Options and Products we provide for you we are working hard to be your go to resource. See the Latest right here,


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We love to help our customers, so feel free to call during normal business hours.  

If you would like to stop by please call ahead as we may be helping your neighbor.

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We are able to accommodate most group or Individual needs.  Contact us directly for a special arrangement.  Additionally, We DO NOT Charge a fee to service individuals, families or Seniors.